About Me

I’ve heard far too much negativity about ourselves (myself included) and it needs to change. Appreciating ourselves will make us much happier, improving our self esteem and mental health. I call myself things which I would never even say to my worst enemy – for the record, I have no enemies. Let’s be kinder, care less and live more.

My Mission

I am on a mission to redefine the meaning of perfect in regards to what we are told by the media and help everyone in their journey to a body positive, self loving lifestyle. I have experienced many years of struggling with anorexia and other mental health problems so I have had my fair share of body loathing. I’m here to share my experiences, talk about issues related to mental health and preaching a little bit about loving yourself. It’s about time we tackled the stigma around mental health by sharing and talking and by doing that myself, I hope I can help others who are struggling – you are not alone.